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Timber floor repairs

Over time, your timber floor can be affected by a range of factors including normal wear and tear and sun and water damage. This can lead to scratches, chips, dents, cracks, swelling and gouges, which can take away from the appearance of your floors and ultimately reduce the value of your home. Our expert team can repair and restore your floor’s original appearance.

Timber floor sanding

Regular sanding is recommended to remove scratches, restore original shine and keep your floors looking like new. We apply a special finish after sanding to enhance your floor’s appearance and protect from wear and tear, and dirt and moisture.

Timber floor coating and polishing

We only use the best products for our coating and polishing, including D solvent polyurethanes (Arboritec, Urethane Coatings and Tuff Coat), water-based polyurethanes (EnviroMax), hard oil waxes and penetrating natural oils (Treatex).

There are pros and cons of using each type of finish:

  • Solvent-based polyurethanes
    Solvent-based polyurethanes provide the most durable finish — they require less maintenance than other finishes and they are more cost-effective. However, they are combustible, they take longer to dry, they can yellow over time, they have a stronger odour and they have higher volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than alternative finishes.
  • Water-based polyurethanes
    Water-based polyurethanes provide an equally durable finish but they are not combustible, they are fast drying (six hours), they don’t yellow over time and they have a low odour with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Hard oil waxes
    Hard oil waxes are made from sustainable raw materials like beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, linseed oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil. Like water-based polyurethanes they are durable, they dry quickly (six hours), they have a low odour with low VOCs.

We provide a range of finishes including matte, gloss and semi-gloss. The choice of finish is a personal one and usually depends on the amount of traffic and the condition of the floor.

Timber floor staining and liming

Staining your timber floors can enhance the natural grain of the wood and give a distinctive appearance. To ensure that you’re 100% happy with the result – and to allow for comparison – we provide you with a range of colour samples. We can also create a unique, personalised colour by mixing over 40 standard and additional trend colours. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, liming your timber floors can give a lighter, white-washed finish while still featuring the natural characteristics of the timber.

Timber decking sanding and oiling

Sanding and oiling your timber decking on a regular basis (ideally annually) will help protect it from the harsh Australian climate and bring it back to life. Damage from the sun, ageing and cracking can all affect your deck’s appearance. We can recommend products to enhance the durability of your decking that only need applying every three to five years, instead of annually.

Timber stair sanding

Timber stairs can provide the centrepiece and the wow factor for your home. Just like timber floors – wear and tear and scratches on your timber stairs are inevitable. Regular maintenance (including sanding and refinishing) will reduce expenses over time and will ensure that your stairs continue to shine. We also recommend and supply some anti-slip products that can help to reduce slips, trips and falls.

What we do

Quality timber floor repair, sanding, polishing and staining, with a personal touch.
What our customers say
Last year we had our floors sanded and redone by Renick and his team. Our house has very large windows facing north so sun streams in all year round. The best advice Renick gave was to move away from Estapol and have our floor stained and oiled. The sanding, staining and oiling was done with a minimum of fuss, though there were quite a few stairs. We are so happy with the result and can't believe how easy it is to keep the floors clean and looking like new. We highly recommend the team.
Ed & Louise
Mt Martha
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